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AETOS guarantees that our clients’ funds will be transferred swiftly, securely and privately through our state-of-the-art technology. We accept deposit through various funding means and in the currencies below:

Funding Method Wire Transfer Visa & MasterCard cashU SecurePay
Minimum amount 
for initial deposit
Professional A/C US$500 US$500 US$500 US$500
Institutional A/C US$50,000 US$50,000## US$50,000 US$50,000
Minimum deposit
Professional A/C Unlimited US$100 US$100 US$100
Institutional A/C Unlimited US$100 US$100 US$100
Deposit Lead-time 1-5 
business days
Up to 1 day Up to 1 day Up to 1 day
Deposit Fee Free* 3%* 3%* Free*
Withdrawal Fee US$25# Fund withdrawal may be processed through wire transfer only#

*  Fees might be charged by your banks, other intermediaries or AETOS.
#  Client is subjected to a US$25 charged if NO valid trading is registered in client’s account. 
For credit card and cashU user, 3% transaction fee may be deducted from client’s account, however, AETOS will compensate with an equivalent amount of trading credit.
Deposit amount in USD may be charged in AUD on your credit card based on the exchange rate from bank.
## Initial deposit via credit card for each account should not exceed USD500.


Wire Transfer
Visa & MasterCard
Bank  National Australia Bank
Bank Name National Australia Bank Limited
Bank Address NAB, 500 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
Beneficiary's Address Level 15, 122 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia
USD Account BSB 082-039 Account number AETOSUSD01
AUD Account 082-080 13-381-3857
EUR Account 082-039 AETOSEUR01
GBP Account 082-039 AETOSGBP01



1. According to Anti-money Laundering Regulations, you can fund your accounts only from your own fund.  

2. The funds deposited via wire transfer will take 1-5 working days to reach your trade account, depends on banks. Fees might be charged by your bank on wire transfer transactions.

Visa & MasterCard

Fund your account

AETOS Capital Group accepts online payments via  visa or  MasterCard 

Advantages of deposit via credit card

Easy to manage, you can fund your account in a minute. Once AETOS received the funds you deposited via credit card, the funds will be credited to your MT4 account immediately. No limits on deposit, and number of deposit times.

3 simple steps

1. Login to your trade account in the AETOS website. 

2. Choose "Deposit", and select "Credit Card" to fund your account. 

3. Please provide a copy of your credit card.



You may required to provide a copy of the your credit card for compliance review. 

3% transaction cost may be deducted from your account, however, AETOS will compensate with an equivalent amount of trading credit.


cashU is a Payment Service Provider with a focus on internet payments in Middle East and North Africa. The head office of cashU is in Dubai, from where they serve global and regional online merchants with a complete suite of payment solutions tailor-made to cater for local culture and the Arabic online buying habits and trends.

cashU was established in 2002 by Maktoob (now Yahoo) and their management team is experienced online payment experts with solid background from regional and international banking, credit card processing, alternative payment solutions and online monetization.

cashU today serves online shoppers in all Arabic speaking and surrounding countries with secure, accessible and easy to use payment solutions, giving everyone the possibility to buy online without discriminating on age, income, nationality or banking contacts.

cashU is a payment platform that is built upon, and encapsulates the most sophisticated and up-to-date fraud prevention; and the AML systems helps to reduce the risks associated with online payments for both buyers and sellers which allows for wider, safer and faster consumer participation in e-commerce.



For cashU user, 3% transaction fee may be deducted from client’s account, however, AETOS will compensate with an equivalent amount of trading credit. After you make a deposit via cashU, please update the payment receipt for our reference.


SecurePay accepts and manages payments from both cards and bank accounts. SecurePay specializes in payment-based technologies and other complementary applications. For over 12 years, SecurePay has been at the forefront of its field. Within this time it has developed class-leading solutions for businesses and has acquired other organizations to complement its core range of services.

SecurePay builds and maintains all of its services, meaning that clients know where and how their payments are processed. SecurePay takes payments seriously and knows that a payment system must be available at all times. Therefore its servers are fully redundant across multiple data centres, meaning that it has enterprise-level availability.



After you make a deposit via Securepay, please update the proof of your transaction such as credit card statement for our reference.


You can make the withdrawal in 3 simple steps:




*  For withdrawal via wire transfer, it normally takes 1-5 working days to reach your account depending on the location and operation of banks.